The Sunday School Ministry of The Tabernacle.

God created us to live in community. Everyone wants to fit in, to know that they are cared for and valued. When we share our lives with others, we benefit from their lives and encouragement. We learn from the wisdom of those who have walked through life before us and we can teach others through what we have experienced.

Each of our Sunday School communities are open to newcomers and always excited to have guests join them. Here is a list of our current adult PrimeTime Communities.


I am eager to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. In this way, each of us will be a blessing to the other.  Romans 1:12


Sunday Mornings 9:00 AM




Firm Foundation


Designed for young adults with school age children. Room 302 East Annex

Life Today

Deals with Biblical relevance for life's challenges.. Room 309 East Annex

Truth Unchanged

Deals with life issues facing younger couples with pre-schoolers. Room 306 East Annex



Designed for new "empty nesters", as well as new grandparents. Room 210 East Wing


Devoted Couples

Explores scriptural insights for adults with older children and young grandchildren. Room 204 East Wing



Designed toward the needs and interests of senior adults while exploring the Bible. Room 206 East Wing





For Mothers up to age 35, who are eager to gain insight into God's plan for their family. Room 304 East Annex

Insight For Women

Explores topics relevant to issues impacting ladies. Room 312 East Annex

Ladies Sunshine Class

Welcomes all ladies and targets women's relationships with one another by identifying older women who could teach and model godliness to the younger women in the church body. Room 215 East Wing



Men of Honor

Examines current events in the light of God's unchanging word. Room 311 East Annex