What Jesus Loves to See January 20, 2020

Those who misidentify Jesus will also misidentify those who are important to Jesus! But Heaven sees what is missed on earth!


Pride says “look at me and what I bring to the table!” Humility says, “It’s not about me – it’s about Jesus and what He has done in my life!”

Jesus saw the others give from their surplus, thinking they were doing God a favor. Their gifts showed their half-hearted commitment. But Jesus saw the Luke 21 widow give sacrificially to the Lord. Her gift showed a heart fully ablaze for God!


Laws Based on God's Character

In the sections of the Old Testament that cover the Civil Law of Israel (that don’t technically apply to Christians in this age of grace), we are still looking for how those laws are based on God’s character and His care for His people, particularly the most vulnerable among them. There is much to learn about God and what’s important to Him in those passages! 10-15-19

THE Stone  Will Come to Stay! February 9, 2020

Others see what we have been, God sees what He is going to turn us into!


When a woman’s contractions (birth pains) get closer together, the baby is closer to getting here! When we see the increased frequency of Matthew 24 type things, we need to say, “Jesus is coming – Maranatha, Lord Jesus!”


Reading the Old Testament, you would not discern more than a sketch of the chronology of End Times events. But the Book of Revelation, the last book of BOTH the New Testament AND the entire Bible, clearly lays events out:

Revelation describes the present church age (Chapters 1-3) with a promise of the Rapture before the Tribulation (3:10); Then a look into Heaven (Chapters 4-5); Then the activity of the Antichrist and Jewish witnesses during the Tribulation (Chapters 6-19); Then the Return of Christ and the Battle of Armageddon (Chapter 19); Then the 1,000 reign of Christ (Chapter 20); Then the Great White Throne Judgment (Chapter 20); Then the New Earth and the Lake of Fire (Chapters 21-22). Many other sub-events fit somewhere in that chronology.


Jesus’ references to Himself as the Son of Man help us understand the now and not yet of His Kingdom. He reigns spiritually now in those who turn to Him; He will reign physically on earth after His second coming!

Overlooked on Earth

There is no earthly RETIREMENT for God’s people – there is always something more to do for God’s glory! Be faithful when you are overlooked on earth – you are not being overlooked in HEAVEN.  11-10-19

A Loving Sacrifice

Why was it important that the eternal Son of God be born of a virgin as He became the Son of Man? It insured He would start life with NO sin nature, making Him a second Adam, fully human but without sin. That and His sinless life while on earth made Him able to be a perfect substitute for our sins, a loving sacrifice acceptable to God the Father!  10-15-19

Jesus' Heartbreak

Jesus calls us to weep over that which breaks His heart – spiritual lostness and its consequences (Luke 23:27-28)  11-10-19

Jesus Deals with Our Sins

Jesus had no problem identifying with a sinful family and world, even though He Himself never sinned. He had come to deal with their sins and ours!  10-15-19


Most of the “disciples” that day were “unbroken.” They would follow Jesus if He conformed to their expectations, but would walk away from the Biblical Jesus. That’s probably true of a lot of people reading this as well.  11-10-19

Do Unto Others

Jesus wonderfully summarizes Israel’s Civil Law when he says the entire law could be summed up in the words, “Do unto others as you’d have done unto you!” 10-15-19

Yield to Jesus

This unbroken donkey immediately did what the unbroken nation refused to do – yield to Jesus.  11-10-19