You can’t honor everything about your parents, but to obey the fifth command is to honor everything you can about them. When they want you to sin, you have to resist and say no. But honor everything you can about them and the position they hold in your life.

“Settledness” for the believer doesn’t come from being successful but from being a child of God through faith who has a guaranteed place in Heaven!

The woman is now freed, but not the synagogue ruler. His bondage continued. He was so bound to his traditions that he ended up opposing the Son of God.  This is the only time in the gospels Jesus calls someone a Daughter of Abraham. It reminds us of Jesus saying that Zacchaeus was now also a Son of Abraham. It wasn’t ethnic descent that made either a Child of Abraham, but justifying faith (See also John 8:31-47; Galatians 3:6-9)

We are living in days when far too many professing Christians are making decisions based on their own comfort and ease rather than making the sacrifices necessary to know Christ and make Him known.

Divine appointments are moments in time when God brings people together and lasting change happens.

Here’s what Jesus was basically saying: “The mission I am on keeps me from living a life of predictability, comfort, and ease. It is a life that involves self-denial and sacrifice. If you are saying you will follow Me for gain and comfort in this world, you will be sadly disappointed.”

Judah displays a willingness to die in his brother’s place because of his father’s love for his son – Judah becomes a type of what Jesus Christ will do for sinners! And in Heaven Jesus was looking on, and I believe He said, “Father, when I go to earth, that’s the tribe I want to be from, because I am going to do that, I am going to take the place of guilty sinners so they can live!”

Every true believer also becomes a follower of Jesus. So each of us as believers needs to discover what it means to follow Jesus well.

David Abernathy and our local Good News Jail and Prison Ministry gave us this report from January to September of 2018 - 347 professions of faith; 8,582 total attendance in 890 worship services and Bible studies; 2,032 Bible course lessons completed!

So on the one hand Isaac and Rebekah are being greatly blessed. On the other hand they experience many of the struggles that godly people still do today. It’s all part of living out our faith in a sin-saturated world while we anticipate the world to come.