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Praise the Promise Keeper!               Luke 1:39-56

Tonight’s passage covers the first song about New Testament events. And the singer’s name? Actually it is also a form of Miriam, that comes into English as Mary – and she is also celebrating God’s ___________________ of His people!


H_________________ in the Hill Country!                           V. 39-45

Elizabeth gives Mary a ___________________

For 2,000 years Christians have responded to Jesus and His coming deliverance, with pure joy, and with songwriting! Mary, or Maryam’s song, was the first! 


Maryam’s Song                                                                      V. 46-56

This is the first of 3 songs in Luke 1-2; It has been called the Magnificat, which is the first word in the Latin translation.

The Song’s Purpose: to m______________ the Lord           V. 46

First verse: What God has done for Mary                            V. 47-49

Second verse: What God does for all who ________ Him!  V. 50-53

A person who fears God knows that He is God and they are not! They care more about what He thinks and being _____________ with Him than what people think and being right with them. God comes first, no matter what!

Third verse: What God will do for I________________       V. 54-55

Genesis 12:1-3