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Jesus and the Father’s Things            Luke 2:39-52

Dutton Lane was born in Baltimore in 1732, the same year as George Washington.

The Human ______________ of God Celebrates the Passover                                                                                           V. 41-42

I Corinthians 5:7

The _______________ of the Law meets the teachers of the Law                                                                                      V. 43-47

John 8:24

Jesus’ half brothers named in Matthew 13:55

Good ______________________ involves teaching AND listening, asking questions AND giving answers, and opportunities to show understanding.

Luke 20:41-44.

One thing is evident, between His personal study as a lad, Joseph and Mary’s teaching in the home, and weekly trips to the Nazareth synagogue, Jesus ________________ the Bible!

Jesus knows who His ______________________ Father is                                                                                                 V. 48-50

Verse 49 is truly remarkable – Jesus understands that He is the Son of God in a unique way! And His first ___________________ on earth are the things of His Heavenly Father! 

Jesus _________________ a God-first, well balanced childhood                                                                                       V. 51-52


Doctor Luke here speaks like a Pediatrician reporting a healthy child!