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The Gospel Changes Our Priorities            -Phil. 1:3-11


The Priority Changing ______________________!                               V. 6


If you have truly become a Christian the God who saved you on the first day (the day of your salvation) will carry your faith on (in the present day) to completion (on the final day).


The Priority Changing ______________________!                               V. 9-10a


HOW does he want their love to keep on growing?


He wants their love to keep on growing in _______________ and discernment?


WHY does he want them to keep growing in knowledge and discernment?


So they can determine what really ___________________! 


The Two Priority Changing Filters                                                         V. 10b-11


F_______________________ to Christ       V. 10


F_______________________ for Christ     V. 11



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From Here to Eternity Chart











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“Now we have one more day,” he would say to his wife as he rose in the morning. “Here is one more for God, now let us live well this day, work hard for souls, lay up much treasure in Heaven this day, for we have but a few to live.”                                   -Said of Joseph Alleine (1634-1668)