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Genesis Chapter 1


Genesis           English comes from translation of the Greek Septuagint, “____________”

                        Hebrew name comes from first word, translated “in the beginning”


Genesis 1-11 -             5 Great Events:          

Genesis 12-50 -           5 Great People:          


Let’s Ponder Gen. 1:1 Imagine you were born on an island in the South Pacific, and a Bible written in your language floated up in a ziplock bag, and you opened it, with no previous knowledge of it, and you read Genesis 1:1.  Write 5 things that would stick out to you about Gen. 1:1:












Verses 2-31 speak about what happens in the 6 days of creation.


The skinny on the word for day, yom:






The 6 days are divided into two sets of 3, based on completing the 2 adjectives in verse 2: “without form” and “void”, or empty.


Form:                                                              Fullness:

Day 1              ____________                        Day 4              Sun, Moon, Stars


Day 2              ____________                        Day 5              fowls

                        water                                                               _______________


Day 3              ____________                        Day 6              animals

                        plants                                                              man





Big Question: How could there be earth before sun?








“Starlight and Time” by D.Russell Humphreys, PhD at the Sandia National Laboratories. 



Find me three repeated phrases throughout these verses:









V. 26-28          Key verses!


Man is said to be made in God’s _______________ & likeness: giving us infinite value!



Man has a responsibility as the earth’s ____________________________!