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Genesis Chapter 4


The __________________ of birth                                                      V. 1



The Lord expects us to bring our best to Him, not _____________ V. 3-5


Notice 2 things the Lord respected:


Hebrews 11:4                  I John 3:12


Genesis 3:21                    Hebrews 9:22                  Leviticus 17:11



The Lord speaks the truth in love to Cain                                         V. 6-7


Verse 7 is a great verse in our efforts at what John Owen called, “the ____________________ of sin.”


I Corinthians 10:12-14a



The first murder in the Bible                                                              V. 8


We learn a lot here about the world we live in. One of the consequences of sin in the world is that the Lord does allow the sinful choices of people to __________________ affect the lives of others.



We ARE our brother’s keeper                                                          V. 9-10


What is Abel’s blood crying out for in verse 10?


So here we have another thing we understand right at the beginning of the Bible – the ______________ inside of us for justice is a universal principle, part of how we are wired. It is there because Genesis 1-3 is the truth!





God will ________________ sin                                                      V. 11-12


How do you balance the call for Capital punishment with the words of Jesus to forgive and turn the other cheek?



God still shows His ________________                                              V. 15



Where did Cain get his wife?                                                             V. 17


Verse 24 is just the kind of _______________ statement you’d expect as the effects of our sin nature unfold.



God appoints another ___________________                               V. 25-26


Luke 3:38/ Genesis 3:15




Then men began to call upon the name of the Lord



Whoever call on the name of the Lord will be saved.    -Romans 10:13