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Don’t Be a Plankeye!             Luke 6:37-42

On July 20, 1775, David Jones preached a message that rocketed through the colonies, “Defensive War in a Just Cause Sinless.”

How do you want to be __________________?                  V. 37-38

“Judge Not” can not mean we don’t practice moral judgment or share biblical truth with others; The Sermon on the mount contains about __________ moral judgments by Jesus for us to apply to our lives, including “Judge not!”

In these verses Jesus IS clearly teaching His disciples not to be like the Pharisees, who loved to judge others while _____________________ their own sins against God.

Romans 14:1-4; Romans 14:10-13; I Corinthians 4:1-5; James 2:12-13

I say this to all of you. Give alms, my brothers and sisters, and you won’t lose what you give. Trust God. I’m not only telling you you won’t lose what you do for the poor, but I’m telling you plainly, this is all that you won’t lose.            -Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430)

Don’t be a Plankeye!                                                 V. 39-42

Jesus knew His life would be a perfect ____________ for us to follow. If you want to be a good guide for others, love, live, give and and forgive like Jesus!

Don’t obsess over something minor in someone else’s life, when you have a ____________________ issue in your own life to deal with.

Whoever therefore is guided by good sense, does not look at the sins of others, does not busy himself about the faults of his neighbor, but closely reviews his own misdoings.                                       -Cyril of Alexandria, Egypt (AD 375-444)

-Romans 12:3