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Genesis Chapters 9 & 10

Dispensational Charts Handouts

God blessed Noah’s family and ____________________ them              V. 1

The word for blessed is Barak (Strong’s 1288). It occurs over 300 times in the Hebrew O.T. Only Psalms (68 x) has more occurrences then Genesis (62 x).

New realities in a post-flood world                                                                 V. 2-6

Verses 5-6 give the Bible’s clear support for the principle of the death _________________.

God’s unconditional covenant with Noah                                                     V. 8-17

The Hebrew word for covenant is Beriyth, which occurs over 280 times. Only Deuteronomy (26x) has more than Genesis (24 times). Seven of those Genesis occurrences are here in chapter 9, ten in chapter 17.

What was the unconditional covenant that God made with Noah and all future generations (including us)?

What was the sign of that unconditional covenant?

2 Peter 3:1-13

More on Noah’s sons after the flood                                                              V. 18ff

What would make later Jews hearing verse 18 perk up?

Sometimes the first occurrence of something in the Bible also serves as a major caution going forward. We saw this with Cain’s pride and anger in Genesis 4; We see it again with the first reference to _______________ in 9:20-27 (Prov. 31:1-7)  

Blessings and curses                                                                                             V. 25-27

Canaan’s descendants are not from __________________, they are the people who later live around Israel and practice idolatry and immorality (10:6, 15-19)

Shem and Japheth are both blessed for their actions, with Shem being the key. The descendants of Shem will include Israelites, who will one day rule over the Canaanites. This was fulfilled in the days of the Conquest of the land. (9:26-27).

Chapter 10 lays out for us the spreading out of the peoples from these 3 brothers after the flood. They all _________________ in the Levant. Japheth also spreads into Eurasia; Shem into Arabia and Asia; Ham into Africa.


Other notable descendants of Japheth:



Other notable descendants of Ham:



Other notable descendants of Shem:


What is 10:25 a reference to when it says that “in his days the earth was divided?”



Genesis 6:3

Genesis 8:4

Peleg’s name means division