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Genesis Chapter 11


Chapter ten documents the genealogy and general movements of 78 descendants of Noah and sons ______________ the Tower of Babel. Chapter eleven tells of the Tower of Babel that had happened and then focuses on the descendants of Shem, through whom would come Abraham.


In verse 9 we read that this place is going to come to be known as Babel.

In other words, the whole earth was being drawn toward uniting at what would become ___________________.


What do you think was the main sin of the people from v. 4?


Shem in Hebrew is sem – name in Hebrew is also sem.


What’s the main point of verses 5-6?


Another hint of the T_________________                               V. 7-9


Shem’s descendants given down to Abraham                          V. 10-26


In the first 11 chapters of Genesis we are given the overview of God’s dealings with men for roughly the first _________ years of earth’s history. And we can connect the dots from Adam to Abraham. The rest of the Bible will focus on the physical and spiritual descendants of Abraham.


Pre Flood Ages at Death (From Genesis 5):

The average is _____ years


Post Flood Ages at Death (From Genesis 11:10-26):

Average of first three generations after the flood is ______ years

Average of next three generations is _____ years


The genealogy of Terah                                                   V. 27-32


According to verse 31, Terah’s original vision was to go to the land of _________________, but he died before getting there.


Write 5 of the most important concepts from Genesis 1-11: