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The Power of Forgiveness                Luke 7:36-50


The question was this, “If you could describe Christianity in just one word, what would it be?” 


Our passage today shows again that Jesus was and is a friend of sinners. Sinners didn’t get in the way of His plan- making forgiveness of sins possible for them _______________ His plan.


Another dinner party for Jesus                                           V. 36


A r________________ sinner approaches Jesus                V. 37-38


“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  -Matthew 11:28


The i____________ of Simon the self-righteous Pharisee   V. 39


The i____________ of Simon the self-righteous Pharisee   V. 40-47


There are 2 Greek words for forgiveness in the passage- one in verses 41-43 (Aphiemi), the other in verses 47-49 (Charizomai)


Aphiemi – I John 1:9              Charizomai – Romans 8:32


2 things the lady did that showed she had turned to Jesus:


1.         She is not ashamed to meet a pressing ______________


2.         She laid what she ____________________ at Jesus’ feet


My prayer for you is that you will see how the thing that you think you control really controls you, and that you will lay it at the Savior’s feet as an act of surrender to Him.


Jesus has the power to forgive our sins                              V. 47-50


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