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Genesis Chapter 14


Lot gets caught up in a regional _____________________     V. 1-12


Team A: Shinar – Ellasar – Elam – Nations (Goyim)




Team B: Sodom – Gomorrah – Admah - Zeboiim – Bela (Zoar)


The battle took place in the Salt Sea (Valley of Siddim)



Abram rescues Lot                                                                    V. 13-16


Verse 13 is the first time the word __________________ is used to describe Abram and/or his descendants



Four ways we know that Abram was ready for battle:


He had made allies who ______________ out for each other                v.13


He had 318 men ______________                                                        v.14


He was able to _____________ his men                                                v.14


He was able to execute ________________                                          v. 15



This is the first “__________________ War” in the Bible!


Ecclesiastes 3:8



A tale of 2 Kings                                                              V. 17-24





Who is Melchizedek?


His name means ______________________ king


He is the King of Salem (Salem later becomes __________________)


He brought out bread & wine


He was a _________________ of God Most High (El Elyon-Sovereign God)


Melchizedek pronounced a ____________________ on Abraham!


Psalm 110:4


Hebrews 5:6-10; 7:1-22



What was Abram’s response to Melchizedek?


He _____________________ to Him (See Hebrews 7:2)


Malachi 3:8-10     


Matthew 23:23


2 Corinthians 9:7


“Much has been said about giving a tenth of one’s income to the Lord. I think this is a Christian duty that none should for a moment question. If it were a duty under the Jewish law, much more is it so now, under the Christian dispensation. But it is a great mistake to suppose the Jews only gave a tenth; they gave much more than that. The tenth was the payment they must make, but after that came all the freewill offerings, all the various gifts at different seasons of the year. We are not to make an estimate of what will appear respectable or by what is expected of us by other people. We are to give as God has prospered us.”               -Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Godly people get their wealth God-__________________ ways, including hard work, honesty, and integrity!