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Ever Ready Jesus        Luke 9:40-56

UCLA’s Retired Softball Coach Sue Enquist and her 33% rule…


I have blessed others for Jesus when my interaction with them draws them closer to Jesus and His plan for their lives, not further away.  

Jesus was ready for ___________________ ministry opportunities          V. 40-42

Are you ready for the people opportunities you can plan for? 

If you are growing in your own faith and will take the time to pray specifically for those around you, I believe two things will happen.

First, you will begin paying attention to what their ___________ are.

Second, you will be more likely to ______________ the love of Jesus with them!

Jesus was ready for __________________ ministry opportunities             V. 43-48

What are the keys to being ready for those unplanned moments of ministry?

The first is easy: s_______________   d_______________!

The second is easy: L_______________ a_______________!

Jesus _________________ to life                                          V. 49-56


When the inventor of Chloroform, Sir James Simpson, was dying, a friend said to him, “You will soon be resting on His bosom.” Simpson humbly replied, “I don’t know as I can do that, but I think I have hold of the hem of His garment.”                 


The Tallit and its “Wings”



But to you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings.       -Malachi 4:2