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More than a Caterer              Luke 9:1-17

The Greek word for authority is exousia, and is one of the key words in the gospels. Jesus has exousia over the doctrinal, spiritual, and physical realms – Jesus is ________________________ of all!

Messengers of the True King                                                 V. 1-6

“The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe the gospel.”                       -Mark 1:15

This trip was to challenge all of Israel to get ready to either receive or to reject Jesus as their King. They were now __________________ for having had the truth preached to them.  Had the nation as a whole received Jesus, they may have had His Kingdom start on earth after His death and resurrection.

But for the church intercalation – which was wholly unforeseen and is wholly unrelated to any divine purpose which precedes it or which follows it – Israel would be expected to pass directly from the crucifixion to her kingdom, for it was not the death of Christ and His resurrection which demanded the postponement, but rather an unforeseen age.            -L.S. Chafer

Acts 1:6-8                    See also Romans chapter 11

The __________________ Ruler is Perplexed                      V. 7-9

It reminds me of what had happened 30 years before with another Herod – turn to Matthew 2:1-3

Food from Heaven                                                                 V. 10-16

For the rest of our lives we are called to do what we cannot do with what we do not have! When we step out in faith and offer all we have, God does _____________ us what He has called us to do!

I can’t, but Jesus never said I could – Jesus can through me, and He promised that He would!