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Genesis Chapter 16

After the great moment of justifying faith in Genesis 15:6, we come to chapter 16, where unfortunately we see the man of faith act not by faith but by ___________.


Sarai and Abram try to help God out                                                              V. 1-4

Bad results are almost certain to follow when we neglect to __________________ over a matter!


Consequences of trying to do God’s will ___________ way                    V. 4-6

This reminds us again of the aftermath of sin in Genesis 3 – finger pointing and ________________________ are among the consequences of sin.

You may have heard me say, “God can bring His plan A out of our Plan B choices.” God can also reveal more of His character and lovingkindness amid our ______________________ circumstances.


God still sees us in the wilderness                                                                   V. 7-16

The first explicit occurrence of the “Angel of the LORD” occurs here, with God __________________ out not Noah or Abram but a pregnant Egyptian slave.

We like to run from awkward circumstances – but God has a way of sending us back to face our _______________________.

What does Ishmael mean?

God _________________

Have you ever experienced God as the God who sees?

The place where God met Hagar became known as Beer Lahai Roi – The well of the God who lives and sees me!