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Genesis Chapter 17

The word ____________________ occurs 284 times in the King James Version. 23 of those occurrences are in Genesis; only Deuteronomy has more (26). NO chapter in the Bible has more occurrences then Genesis chapter seventeen (13).

The word for covenant is the Hebrew word Beriyth, which in its simplest form indicates “__________,” alluding to the ceremony used in covenants and treaties.


The Abrahamic Covenant re-affirmed and further ________________            V. 1-8

Unconditional “I wills” from God to Abraham in Genesis 17:



Abram means “exalted father,” whereas Abraham means “father of a _________________”


The Sign of the Covenant – C____________________                                        V. 9-14


How Sarah and Ishmael fit into all of this                                                      V. 15-22

Sarai means “My princess,” whereas Sarah seems to simplify it to “Princess,” going along with the role she will have as the ______________ of many kings through Isaac. (MacArthur)

What God has just said to Abraham seems so preposterous that the great man of God _________________ in God’s ‘face.’

God is always leading us by faith into the plans He has for us; He does not let us ____________________ back into our comfort zones. 

Whenever God says “No,” it’s always for a greater “Yes.”          -Beth Moore

Psalm 105:8-10