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Genesis 20


Tonight we will compare the two times that Abraham told a ruler, “Sarah is my sister.”


Chapter:                    Genesis 12                                       Genesis 20


Preceded by:           ______________ (12:10)             Destruction of Sodom (Ch. 19)


Movement:              From the South to Egypt (12:9) To the South, in Gerar (20:1)


“Problem:”               Sarah’s beauty 12:11, 14             Sarah’s ______________?


Age:                           65 (12:4)                                           ______ (17:17) 


Proposal:                  Say you’re my sister (12:13)       States “she’s my sister” (20:2)


Motive:                     Fear for life (12:12-13)                 Fear for life (20:11)


Ruler:                         _______________ (12:15)           Abimelech, King of Gerar (20:2)


Consequence:         Sarah taken to ‘Harem’ (12:15)  Sarah taken to ‘Harem’ (20:2)


Judgment:                LORD plagued Pharaoh (12:17)  Closed wombs, (20:18)


Abimelech has a dream at night: 20:3


You think God hates _____________________?  You bet He does! 


Consternation:        Pharaoh to Abraham (12:18)      Abimelech to God (20:4)


Result:                       Pharaoh sends away (12:19)       God says “good answer” (20:6)


God does work to ___________________ sin


20:11 is a reinforcement of the idea of ________________ law, like the words of Romans 1 – they knew what sin was even though they had never read a Bible.


Man’s sinful tendency includes trying to justify the unjustifiable


20:13 indicates that there may have been even __________ places this happened


Abimelech himself is very careful to vindicate Sarah 20:14-16


Sometimes pagans act more _________________ then God’s people


Our sin affects everything _________________ us (20:17-18)


Now let’s spend a few minutes addressing this question:


Could this be an event from earlier in Abraham & Sarah’s life?


Near Eastern history often has “oh yeahs” to it: “let me go __________ and tell you another thing that happened.”


Sarah may have been beyond normal childbearing years, but still stunningly beautiful – like Sophia Loren, or like some of __________! 


Sarah lived to 127 years old – the only women whose age at death is given!  23:1


The other best answer to this question is that the first time was more about her looks, and this second time was more about her _____________________.