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Genesis Chapter 21

The birth of ‘_______________________’                                                      V. 1-7


God is in ______________________!


The sending away of Ishmael                                                                            V. 8-21


Now here’s something interesting to study as you read the rest of the Bible – is this the youngest age person we can find in the Bible willfully sinning?

Genesis 17:17-21

But Ishmael was more ready for the day of departing then his mother knew. And he had learned something well from his mom and dad’s example – ____________ 

Galatians 4:21-31

“Sometimes to secure your Isaac blessings, you have to send your Ishmael’s away.”    -Evangelist Ron Dunn


A covenant with Abimelech                                                                               V. 22-34


It is good for God’s people to talk through ____________________________ with others

Beersheba means “well of the _______________,” or “well of the seven.”

It’s as if Abraham was saying, “Like this tree will be here long after I’m dead, God’s ______________________ will go forth into future generations.” 

Read Hebrews 11:8-12