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Genesis Chapter 25

In Genesis we also see the origins of those who later became Israel’s ___________________.

-Romans 5:8-10

Father Abraham has many sons!                                                                      V. 1-6

How many sons does Keturah go on to bear Abraham?

Abraham’s death brings his first two sons _________________            V. 7-11

I think verse 9 is a great encouragement toward __________________ among those who may not be able to agree on many things.

4 G Living

Where have we heard of Beer Lahai Roi before?

The genealogy of Ishmael                                                                                   V. 12-18

How many sons of Ishmael are listed?

Another set of two sons _____________ for lineage rights                     V. 19-28

They called him Esau, which means “____________________”

They called his name Jacob, which means “Supplanter;” Supplanter means someone or something that takes the _________________ of another!

Esau’s ______________ to practice delayed gratification costs him    V. 27-34

The birthright meant two things: a _________________ portion of the coming family inheritance and the right to be head of the household after dad’s death.

The New Testament describes this as an act of ____________________ akin to fornication or profanity.

Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.                     -Hebrews 12:16

Don’t be like Esau, and despise the valuable things God had entrusted to you.