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The Gospel Changes Our Fractured Relationships

Philippians 4:1-5


As time passes fractured relationships can affect an ____________ church.


It is very likely the letter to the Philippians, with all of its beautiful verses, was written in large part to address this ________________ situation.


The unrealistic expectation I am thinking of is this:

that if we all love Jesus there will never be __________________   in the church.


Even N.T. churches were dealing with things all the time.

The question was not whether or not there would be conflict, because there WOULD be conflict: the question was whether they resolved conflict ________________________ or not!



Jesus gave us the pattern to follow when we feel sinned against: (Matthew 18:15-20)  


1. Talk with the person ____________ and try to work it out


2. Add in 1-2 more ________________ people and talk again


“Is there not a wise man among you able to judge between his brothers?”

–I Cor. 6:5


3. Appeal to the church leaders for help and _____________


“Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.”     -Galatians 6:1



What to Focus on when Fellow Believers are in Conflict:


1.         Focus on what you ___________ on in the Lord!     V. 2


2.         Don’t _____________ to Rejoice in the Lord!          V. 4


3.         Let your _______________ be known to all             V. 5


Gracious people never forget to ___________ the other person! 


Gracious people give others the benefit of the ___________.


Gracious people are more interested in helping people grow than winning the ______________________! 


Acts 15:36-41


Paul was more concerned with the integrity of the ministry; Barnabas was more concerned with the potential of the minister. Both were _________________ concerns.


Bring Mark with you, for he is useful to me in the ministry.  -2 Timothy 4:11


I think Paul understood that sometimes you have to write the word “_____________________” over an unfortunate disagreement with a true believer and go on in the Lord!




No church members, upon any offence taken by them, having performed their duty required of them towards the person they are offended at, ought to disturb any church order, or absent themselves from the assemblies of the church, or administration of any ordinances, upon the account of such offence at any of their fellow members, but to wait upon Christ, in further proceeding of the church.   -Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith, 27.13 (1742)