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The Joyful Harvester              Luke 10:1-24

Research indicates today’s teens face the same level of ___________ as inpatient psychiatric patients did in the 1950’s.

Even more disciples sent out to make Jesus known            V. 1-9

The more people who know Jesus and make Him known, the more people can _________ about Jesus and have a chance to receive Him!

Of course the key to the whole thing is ____________ – courageously looking for ways to use your gifts and talents for the Lord every day!

Expect great things (from God); attempt great things (for God).                  -William Carey

As you make Jesus known, pray for _________________ with people of peace who will be key to God’s work in that area.

The ______________________ of rejecting Jesus               V. 10-16

All rebels against Heaven who never repent will go to Hell, but judgment will be ________ for those who rejected greater revelation.

Revelation 20:11-15

Now let me be clear here – when people or a place reject Jesus, and you leave them in God’s hands, it doesn’t mean God is done with them yet – The gospel has a way of _____________ back around! 

The never-________________ source of joy                        V. 17-24

Have you ever done anything that made Satan mad?

No, Jesus told His precious disciples then, and now, to not rejoice in their circumstances but to rejoice in something that can never be taken from them – their __________________ place in Heaven!

“Settledness” for the believer doesn’t come from being ___________ but from being a child of God through faith who has a guaranteed place in Heaven!