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The Miracle(s) of Christmas               Matthew 1:17-25


The reason Christmas is so big is because of ________________ – that God so loved the world that Her gave His one of a kind Son Jesus, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life!


The Miracle of Christmas _______________________


The Old Testament prophets spoke and wrote hundreds, and even thousands of years before the first Christmas in Bethlehem. 


When you put their words together like you would a puzzle, a portrait emerges of Jesus, the only person in history who could possibly be the Promised _________________________


The Miracle of Christmas _______________________


Ever since the first Adam every person born of a woman has had a sin nature. But because the Holy Spirit implanted 24 chromosomes without sin in Mary, this child born was holy and sinless. Rightly he is called the _______________________ Adam.


You may not be familiar with how GRACE works, but God is so good to humans He will allow them to have a stand in for their own judgment if a worthy stand-in can be found.             I Peter 1:3-5


The Miracle of Christmas ________________________


The scripture makes clear you need to confess two things as you turn to Jesus for salvation:


First, you have to confess you are a ___________________ who cannot save yourself! Second, you have to confess that Jesus is who the Bible says He is and has done for you what the Bible said He did.


Romans 10:9-10