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Genesis Chapter 30

From Chapter 29:

The first son was by Leah and named Reuben, which means “See, a son.”

The second son was by Leah and named Simeon, which means “Heard.”

The third son was by Leah and named Levi, which means “Attached.”

The fourth son was by Leah and named Judah, which means “Praise.”

The next seven sons of Jacob who became the tribes of Israel              V. 1-24

The fifth son was by Rachel’s maid Bilhah and named Dan, which means “_____________________.”

Just because we feel vindicated in the moment doesn’t mean there won’t be long term consequences to ____________________ actions. 

The sixth son was by Rachel’s maid Bilhah and named Naphtali, which means “My _______________________.”

Jealousy will keep you in the flesh, and in a sense of constant ________________ with others, and keep you saying irrational things.

The seventh son was by Leah’s maid Zilpah and named Gad, which means “A ___________________ of fortune.”

The eighth son was by Leah’s maid Zilpah and named Asher, which means “__________________!”

The ninth son was by Leah and named Issachar, which means “_____________.”

The tenth son was by Leah and named Zebulon, which means “_____________.”

We read also of Dinah being born.

The eleventh son was by Rachel and named Joseph, which means “He will ___________________.”

God knows how to work in _____________________ family situations – Trust Him and lean not on your own understanding!


Jacob fights to get back to the Promised Land                                             V. 25-43

Jacob was knowledgeable about sheep, goats, and cattle, having kept his father’s animals for most of his 90 years, and Laban’s for the last 14 years. He knew that when one uncommonly marked animal was born (with a recessive gene), he could then begin to breed that gene selectively to produce flocks and herds of abnormally marked animals, which were in no way inferior physically to the normally marked. Once he began this breeding process, he sought to stimulate it by some methods that appear superstitious…but it is most likely that he had learned that, when the bark was peeled, there was some stimulant released into the water that stimulated the animal to sexual activity. In verse 38, the word ‘conceive’ is literally in Hebrew ‘to be hot,’ or as is said of animals, ‘to be in heat.’ His plan was successful, and kept his own flock separate from the abnormally colored ones of Laban. His system worked to his own advantage, not that of Laban, who had for years taken advantage of him. Jacob gave God the credit for the success of his efforts in Genesis 31:7-9.                     -John MacArthur


In all of this we see God watching over Jacob because of Jacob’s role in the Abrahamic Covenant, but also Jacob experiencing consequences because of his less than total ____________________ to God. 


“Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life, and have not attained to the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage.”                                                  -Genesis 47:9