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The Gospel Changes Our Discontent Hearts

Philippians 4:10-14


Three Kinds of People on the Contentment Spectrum:


1.         “________  ______________” kind of People


Discontent people are always _________________________ on what they don’t have.


The first _________ was when Satan convinced Adam and Eve they couldn’t live without the one thing God had told them they couldn’t have.


HERE’S YOUR PROBLEM: you are only one _____________ away from being discontent again.


2.         “____________   _____________” kind of People


 “In Stoic philosophy, autarkes (“content”) described a person who accepted impassively whatever came. Circumstances that he could not change were regarded as the will of God, and fretting was useless. This philosophy fostered a self-sufficiency in which all the resources for coping with life were located within man himself.”         -Expositors 154


3.         “___________   __________” type of People


The child of God CAN DO what God has called them to do

regardless of their circumstances through the One who

____________________________ empowers them!


The child of God’s __________________________ comes

from who they are in Christ, not from what they don’t have.