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Wash your woes away!                     Luke 11:37-54

Today we are going to study a word that describes well what a wicked and unrepentant individual or nation hears from Jesus – __________!  

A God pleasing faith starts with cleaning our _________________                                                                                                V. 37-41

Verse 41 is hard to translate, but here is the sense of it in the Greek language – “But rather give the ____________________ of yourself (what’s inside you) to God, and behold, all things are clean to you.” 

‘Woe’ is a word that appears more in the Old Testament than the New but more in the mouth of ________________ than anyone else!

Woe is a pronouncement of denunciation, of grief. To say “woe” is an expression of ______________ for those under divine wrath!

Three rebukes for those who live a mostly external religion                                                                                              V. 42-44

V. 42                Don’t major on the __________________

V. 43                Don’t seek the __________________ of men

V. 44                Don’t ____________ like you’ve got it all together

Three rebukes for those who preach a mostly external religion                                                                                         V. 45-54

V. 46                Don’t ask others to do what you _____________ do!

V. 47-51           Don’t celebrate past Christians you won’t _________!

V. 52-54           Don’t keep people from Jesus!


“The question is not, how may our people be pleased; but how they may be warned, instructed, and saved.”                                                         -Charles Bridges (1794-1869), The Christian Ministry, p 297