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Genesis Chapter 34


The Bible has a lot of content that helped later craft the concept of “the _______________ of law” under God throughout Israel and the civilized nations of the world.


Shechem is very significant in the Bible!


The rape of Dinah                                                            V. 1-7


Someone should have told Shechem that lustfully violating someone is not what true ________________ looks like


Verse 7 is very important – he had done a disgraceful thing in Israel…which ought not to be done.


Hamor and Shechem propose a deal                              V. 8-12


I wish I knew more of what Israel (the new Jacob) was thinking and what he would have done to resolve this without the intermarriage compromise. But it looks like the sons of Leah took the lead in resolving it the way the old Jacob would have – _____________________


Simeon and Levi execute a plan for revenge                  V. 13-29 


In chapter 17 circumcision had been the sign of the unity of the covenant people and their _______________ from the rest of the nations. People from other nations could join in (17:5), but only because they were making the Lord their God.


Shechem reaped what he had sown – Why was Jacob angry in verse 30?   


Simeon and Levi are __________________                   V. 31


Simeon and Levi’s action does not go unpunished – just as their action affected an entire community, all of their descendants were affected.


Genesis 49:5-7