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Genesis Chapters 35 and 36

Genesis means origins, or beginnings. Chapters 1-11 tell the earliest history of the entire world, and chapters 12-50 tell the earliest history of Israel.

Jacob returns to Bethel                                                                           V. 1-15

A sign that God is at work in your life is when you get serious about getting rid of your ____________________.

What is the significance of the terror of God falling on the peoples they passed by in verse 5?

The Bible helps us understand the appropriateness of grief, having a burial place, having an “Oak of ___________________.”

Why do you think God repeats the re-naming of Jacob to Israel, which means ‘prince with God?’ Why does Jacob rename it Bethel in verse 15?

The Birth of Benjamin and the Death of Rachel                              V. 16-20

What did Benjamin’s birth fulfill?                      30:24

Ben Oni means son of my __________, but Benjamin means son of my right hand.

Reuben’s sin                                                                                               V. 21-26

What is the greater biblical significance of Reuben’s sin?              49:3-4

The Death of Isaac                                                                                     V. 27-29

I like that just as Ishmael and Isaac put aside their differences and buried Abraham, Jacob and Esau together bury Isaac.

The Genealogical Record of Esau                                                          Chapter 36

Just as Ishmael’s basic genealogical information was given after Abraham’s death, and then the Messianic line continued through Isaac, the next chapter gives Esau’s basic genealogical information before continuing on with the sons of Israel.

We won’t take the time to read chapter 36, but it shows how our perfect Bible goes the extra mile to provide internal evidence to back up its historical claims.

Esau is ________________