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Genesis Chapter 38

What 3 things were promised to Abraham, then confirmed to Isaac and Jacob?

What are the Three Features of the Abrahamic Covenant:

In Genesis 37 we saw Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery, with Judah taking on a key role in that sin. In today’s passage, we see yet another sinful incident that Judah is involved in.

Judah’s sons act wickedly                                                                       V. 1-11

Genesis 15:18-20

Genesis 26:34-35

Judah ___________________ a sinful mistake that his uncle Esau had made – intermarrying with those of another religion.

In verse 7 we see one of the great themes of the Bible – that God will __________ sin.

We have a fourth generation practicing ___________________ – Abraham had, Isaac’s wife Rebekah had, Jacob and his wives, the brothers had with Joseph, now Judah does with his daughter-in-law.

Tamar gets her babies                                                                             V. 12-30

Judah is man enough to acknowledge the evident truth. He drops the idea of killing her and his unborn children, and never touches her sexually again.

What a ___________________ to God’s grace – the child born of prostitution and incest would be in the line of King David, and King Jesus!

Ruth 4:9-22

Matthew 1

Reuben, Simeon, and Levi are all going to be cursed by Jacob for their wicked behavior. Why then Is Judah going to be blessed, when he has been shown in chapters 37-38 to be involved in some real bad sin?