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The Word dispensation comes from the Greek word (oikonomia) for Stewardship – ‘house management.’ In this case the one managing is __________________, and what is being managed are the different ages the Bible speaks of.

Danny Campbell’s definition of Dispensationalism –

Dispensationalism is God’s creative management of the ages in keeping with His own eternal plan to save repentant humans, incorporating their good and bad choices.   

2 Key Features of Dispensationalism:

Takes Bible texts at their ________________ meaning. Therefore Bible passages are read literally unless the context indicates otherwise.   

Maintains a clear ________________________ between Israel and the Church. Unfulfilled Promises made to Israel will be fulfilled. Dispensationalists reject the idea of the church replacing Israel.   

Clarifying items about Dispensational teaching:

Salvation is always by grace through faith based on Jesus’ atoning death.

The call in every dispensation is to believe God and love Him.

Then each dispensation has specific ____________________ to obey.

“The basis for salvation in every age is the death of Christ; the requirement for salvation in every age is faith; the object of faith in every age is God; the content of faith changes in the various dispensations.”       -Charles Ryrie

Verses to Consider:





There is both continuity and discontinuity between dispensations: