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Genesis Chapter 42

We are in the last sub-section of Genesis, which tells how Joseph’s actions saved the entire 12 tribes, and why the Messiah will come from the tribe of Judah! 

Genesis 37:5-11

I don’t know if the dreams Joseph had kept him going or not when he kept being wronged; I do know that even when Joseph could not control his circumstances he continued to have an ____________________ of faith and made the best of whatever situation he found himself in!


Jacob’s other sons come to buy grain in Egypt                                            V. 1-5

How old was Joseph when he had the dreams?

How old was Joseph when he became the executive in Egypt?

How old was Joseph when his brothers came down to Egypt?


Joseph recognizes his brothers but doesn’t show it                                  V. 6-9

What else does Joseph recognize in these verses?


Joseph shows his brothers some “________________” love                  V. 9-24

What all was Joseph processing in that moment (verse 13)?

What is he exposing about their past in verse 18?

The “you reap what you sow principle” can cause people to have great _________ for their sin. Fortunately the Bible also features mercy and grace!


The Brothers return to Canaan                                                              V. 25-38