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Jesus Sees, Jesus Restores                 Luke 13:10-21

Divine appointments are moments in time when God brings people together and ____________________ change happens.

Mother Teresa and Mary Poplin


Jesus calls a _______ Daughter of Abraham to Himself and heals her                                                                                           V.10-13

But when Jesus is dealing with you as an individual, _____________ else  matters in that divine moment!

Jesus calls out a _________ Son of Abraham and rebukes him                                                                                                       V. 14-17

The woman is now freed, but not the synagogue ruler. His bondage continued. He was so bound to his _______________ that he ended up opposing the Son of God.

This is the only time in the gospels Jesus calls someone a Daughter of Abraham. It reminds us of him saying that Zacchaeus was now also a Son of Abraham. It wasn’t ethic descent that made either a Child of Abraham, but justifying _____________________.

John 8:31-47                           Galatians 3:6-9          

Jesus sketches out the coming growth of His spiritual kingdom                                                                                         V. 18-21

I believe the two parables address those two groups of people that are in verse 17 – those who ________________ what Jesus does in divine moments, and those who are really His adversaries.            


Have you found your own ____________________?

Abby Johnson and Ashley Bratcher