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The Ultimate Conqueror

History is full of people like Ozymandias from Egypt, and Alexander the Great from Greece, who in their pride and lust for power made war and enslaved others, all in the quest to make a _____________ for themselves.

Today we’ll see Jesus ride humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey, a beast of burden, foreshadowing the work He was about to do on the ____________________.

Creation week is covered in 2 chapters in Genesis; Christmas week is covered in 5 chapters at the beginning of the gospels, but there are _____ chapters covering the week of Christ’s Death and Resurrection.  

The Background to Christ’s Triumphal Entry            1019 chapters

Luke 18:31-34

There were two sets of Biblical prophecies about the Messiah – that He would be a Suffering Servant, and that He would be a Conquering King. Had Israel _________________ Christ during this Passion week, His reign may very well have started after His resurrection. 

Jesus presents Himself in Jerusalem for acceptance or rejection                                                                                                   V. 12-18

Matthew 26:5; Mark 14:2; Luke 22:2

Palm branches today are the National symbol for Israel: they mean, “____________________, triumph!”

By shouting Hosanna to the Son of David and Psalm 118:26, they were clearly acknowledging that they believed that Jesus was the ________________, and they were ready for Him to save them.

Jesus’ Ride shows His _______________ mission                V. 14-16

Victorious roman rulers would ride into town on a white horse. But here Jesus rides in on a donkey, a beast of burden.               

Genesis 49:8-12

The crowds plans for Jesus were based on their need of the moment; Jesus was looking to meet ______________ needs, not just for Israel, but the entire world.


The world can now come to Jesus                                        V. 19-21

John 1:11

Luke 19:39-44, 47-48

What did the rejection of Jesus mean?

It meant that what could have been one coming of Jesus now would be two – the first one would be as the ______________ of God that takes away the sin of the world, the second would be as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah coming to Judge.

There are only 5 references to Greece or the Greeks in the Old Testament. Three prophets spoke about the rise and fall of the Greeks.           Joel 3:6            Daniel 9-11

Zechariah 9 has 17 verses related to Greece and Israel. What verse is right in the middle?           Zechariah _____________

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.                                 -Romans 1:16