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Genesis Chapter 46


Praise from Jacob and ___________________ from God                                     V. 1-4


Always take the time to say “____________    ___________” to God! 


What had Abraham done at Beersheba?                                           Genesis 21:33

What had Isaac done at Beersheba?                                                   Genesis 26:23

What had Jacob done at Beersheba?                                                  Genesis 28:10


It also represented the ___________________ area of the Promised Land, just as Dan represented the Northern area of the Promised Land          1 Chronicles 21:2


This will be the ___________________ of 3 great goings out of the Promised Land to go with 3 great comings back to the Promised Land.


When they all get to Egypt                                                                     V. 5-26                       


Verses 8-26 gives us the ___________________ of those who went to Egypt.


Here’s the math on Jacob’s family:

Verse 15       33 people associated with Leah

Verse 18       16 people associated with ZIlpah (Leah)

Verse 22       14 people associated with Rachel

Verse 25       7 people associated with Bilhah (Rachel)

                        70 people in all


So in Genesis 10 there are 70 nations representing the sons of ____________; and in Genesis 46 there are 70 people representing God’s nation through _________________ and the Patriarchs.


Exodus 1:5                           Deuteronomy 10:22


The reunion and the relocation to Goshen                                       V. 28-34


70 people in the midst of millions! Later that small group’s descendants would receive the Law, build the Temple, and birth the Messiah! What a nation!