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Stop! Thief!                Exodus 20:15 


The Eighth Commandment is about the Sanctity of ______________


Psalm 24:1                  Psalm 50:10                Ecclesiastes 2:26


Property is viewed by God as a stewardship responsibility- We are _____________________ to God for how we use His property


Three Biblical Problems with Stealing:


1.         Stealing dishonors a responsibility God has entrusted to another


A people and a government that marginalizes God will go on to cheapen its views on life and marriage and will eventually start stealing your property


2.         Stealing demonstrates a lack of __________ in God’s ability to provide for our needs through work


2 Thessalonians 3:10-12                     Galatians 2:10


3.         Stealing cheats ourselves out of the _______ of honest labor


Ecclesiastes 3:12-13


Three applications from the Eighth Commandment:


1.         Don’t steal from __________________        Eph. 4:28


2.         Don’t steal from __________________        Mal. 3:8-10


3.         Don’t steal from __________________        Matt. 6:19-21