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Exodus Chapter 2

We have come to the chapter where Moses is named for the first time; it certainly won’t be the last. Moses is by far the ______________ named human in the Bible.


Moses is born and dramatically preserved from death                            V. 1-10

What is the name of Moses’ father and mother?                 See Exodus 6:20

We later learn the name of Moses’ sister – what is it?       See Exodus 15:20

I would love to know whether Miriam following the little ark was Jochebed’s idea or if enterprising young Miriam thought of it herself. Either way it’s a testament to a ______________________’s ingenuity!


Young Moses shows a heart for ___________ and has to flee Egypt   V. 11-22

Something _______________ within Moses – a strong desire to do something about injustice.

I think God was looking down from Heaven at Moses standing up and helping people and said, “I CAN USE A MAN LIKE THAT IN MY ____________________ FOR THE WORLD!” 

Gershom means “___________________ there.”

Later we will learn that Moses spent his first 40 years in Egypt, his second 40 years in Midian, and then 40 years leading God’s people to the Promised Land.

Life is a series of ________________________ assignments, and you never know what else God has for you!                            I think of George Mueller

God hears prayer, and God remembers His ________________           V. 23-25

The Rulers of the world come and go – God _________________ them all!

God hears His people groaning and crying out, He remembers His covenant, and now He is going to answer the prayers with an eye to fulfilling His promises.