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Memoirs from the Hall of Shame                  Esther 2:21-3:15

Expositional Preaching

The record of the ______________________ of Jewish people looks like kind of “hall of shame” when you trace it down over the centuries

The Ninth of Av


Mordecai the model _____________________                   2:21-23

Mordecai the model _____________________                   3:1-4

When obeying the king’s command means disobeying God’s command you go with what God says _______________ time

How to pick a ____________________ with God                3:5-15

Satan is behind all the acts of anti-Semitism this world has seen

Satan has intense hatred for 2 things God has instituted:

Revelation 12:13-17

When you pick a fight with God, _________   _________   _________


Let me suggest 3 Christian Responses to our Jewish Friends:

1.         The Christian’s Appreciation for the Jew must be ________________________

2.         We must allow the nation of Israel to ____________________ itself

3.         We must in love continue to ask our Jewish friends to take another look at Jesus, and passages like Isaiah 53

If Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah He is not the __________________ of the world