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Dare to be a Daniel                Chapter 1

The Background of the Book of Daniel                                 V. 1-5

“Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest warrior, statesman, and builder in all the succession of Babylonian kings after Hammurabi himself.”                                                                            -Will Durant

The re-____________________ begins                                 V. 6-7

Daniel means ‘my judge is God;’ Belteshazzar means ‘may Bel ______________ his life.

Hananiah means ‘YHWH is gracious;’ Shadrach may be a reference to the god Marduk; Mishael means ‘Who is what God is;’ Meshach means ‘Who is what Aku is.’ Aku was their ______________ god. Azariah means ‘the Lord helps;’ Abed-Nego means ‘_____________ of Nebo.’ Nebo was the son of Baal.

The choice was probably not to do as you were told OR go back home – the choice was probably to do as you were told or ____________.

Daniel had a great _____________________                       V. 8

Have you purposed in your heart not to defile yourself?

Daniel had earned a good ___________________              V. 9

How do we?                Combine Matthew 6:33 & Mark 10:45

Having a good reputation gains you relational capitol       V. 10-14

Christians use relational capitol to ____________ the Kingdom of God

The Daniel Diet ___________________                                V. 15-16

God blesses their ________________________                   V. 17

The King finds them among the most __________________ in the Kingdom                                                                               V. 18-21