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Exodus Chapter 15


Exodus 15 gives us another “first” in the Bible – the first written “_______”


Job 38:4-7


IS it hard for us to understand the emotion in these songs, the great relief that comes when those who would have done you harm are judged?           


The Song of Moses                                                                                   V. 1-19


The Song of Moses shows that praise should be _________________


‘My’ appears 3362 times in NKJV -A few dozen times there are 4 or more occurrences in one verse. Think of these strong emotion verses that contain 4 or more “My’s”:


Genesis 26:5                        I Samuel 2:29                      2 Samuel 18:33     

I Kings 6:12                          I Chronicles 29:3                Psalm 18:2              

Psalm 31:10                         Psalm 32:5                           Ecc. 2:10                  

Song 5:1                                Song 5:2                                Isaiah 42:1              

Isaiah 56:7                           Isaiah 63:3                           Jeremiah 4:19        

Lamentations 2:11             Hosea 2:5                             John 18:36              

John 20:17                           Rev. 3:12                 


From Verses 6-18 let’s think about God’s “body parts”:


Verse 13 has the first occurrence in Exodus of one of the Bible’s Key Words – the word Hesed (2617). Here translated ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________, it is also often translated lovingkindness. The ESV usually translates it Steadfast Love; the CSB usually translates it Faithful Love.


My lips will glorify You, because your faithful love is better than life.                                                                                                    -Psalm 63:3


Zephaniah 3:17


Now Israel was not just a people that had been delivered by God, they were a people God was _________________ somewhere – back to the Promised Land the Patriarchs had received the Abrahamic Covenant in.


It’s one thing for Israel to sing about their enemies trembling because of what Yahweh had done, but is there evidence that happened?


Joshua 2:9-11        



The Song of Miriam                                                                                  V. 20-21


This is the first reference to a prophetess of _____ references in the Bible


The Bible would have us learn from everyone who has solid biblical insight, both men and women. However, The Old Testament did restrict the role of the priests to men, and the New Testament does restrict the role of pastor/church leaders to men (1 Tim. 2-3). It makes clear those who exercise authority and clarify the church’s doctrine must be men.   



The Lord provides water                                                                        V. 22-27


Moses does something we are getting used to when the people complain to Him. What does he do?


Verse 26 gives an amazing promise to Israel as they moved toward the Promised Land – are Pentecostals right when they say we can claim it today in this “Church Age”?


Conditional, Limited-time-only Promises given to Israel in previous dispensations CANNOT be claimed by the church today. We CAN and should learn the _________________ lessons about God’s character and His desire to bless us when we trust and obey Him (See Romans 15:4).