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Exodus Chapter 16


The theme of this chapter is that “Where God guides, He _________________.”


Israel travels to the wilderness of Sin                                                                       V. 1


How long had Israel been out of Egypt?


When the food runs out Israel ______________, and God provides                      V. 2-16


We too often sin when we are hungry, angry, lonely, and/or tired (HALT).


What food is the Lord referring to in verse 4?


According to verse 4, what will God be testing with the gathering of Manna?


The word for test is Nacah (Strong’s 5254). Nacah means to test, adventure, assay, prove, tempt, try. It occurs 34 times in Hebrew. Another Hebrew Word, Bachan means to examine, try, prove. It occurs 28 times.


What’s the difference between testing and tempting?


The ______________________.

God tests to produce righteousness & growth; Satan tempts to produce sin and destruction.


Let’s look up some other occurrences –

Ex. 20:20                      Deut. 8:2                     Deut. 8:16                   Judges 2:22                

I Ch. 29:17                   Psalm 11:4-5               Jer 17:10                      Zech 13:9        

I Cor. 3:13                    2 Cor. 13:5                   I Th. 5:21                     I John 4:1


What a sight verse 10 that must have been!


How is manna described in verses 14 and 31? What would that be like today?


Israel ______________ to obey the simple manna commands                              V. 17-31


God holds Moses ______________ for the sinfulness of the people he’s leading!


James 3:1                    Hebrews 13:17


Some manna was timelessly preserved to celebrate God’s ________________      V. 32-36


Verses 32-34 give us the first reference to something that is going to be very important – what is it?                               Hebrews 9:4