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2 Kings Overview

We come now to the 12th book of the Bible, the 7th book of the Historical Books.

II Kings picks up where I Kings left off, going back and forth between Israel in the North and Judah in the South, summarizing events during their kings’ reigns.

And just like we saw in I Kings, Israel continues to be wicked and idolatrous throughout the reigns of their kings and they head toward God’s judgment.

But even in these dark days we God at work through His people and prophets!

Rough Outline:

The life and times of Elisha the Prophet                                Chapters 1-13

The decline of both Israel and Judah into captivity            Chapters 14-25

In ch.1, Ahaz’s son tries to do to Elijah what his dad had tried to do, and also dies.

Chapter 2     Elijah is taken to Heaven, passing the mantle to Elisha

What does Elisha ask for before Elijah is taken to Heaven?

Verse 9          A double portion of your spirit!

What we ask for really shows where our hearts are at!

Being in the ministry I have often made myself available to people like Elijah did for Elisha here. Elijah asked Elisha, what can I do for you.

Many times people ask me to help them meet a physical or emotional need. And that’s okay. I like to do that. But I live for the times people say, “Help me come to know Jesus personally like you do!” “Help me learn to study the Bible like you do!” “Help me become a missions prayer warrior like you are.”

Elisha was saying, “I want to impact this country for YHWH like you have, Elijah.” Elijah’s response was interesting: you have asked for something difficult!

A lot of people don’t ask for Christian growth. Those that do, don’t realize the price-tag: Significant growth in Christ and impact in ministry almost always involves suffering and hardship.

Many of those who say they want to grow and make an impact wilt when suffering and hardship come along. I just want you to know it’s worth it!

Elisha receives a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, and does three miracles before the chapter is over, and his impact will overshadow anything kings do in the first part of the book.

Elijah performed 7 miracles during his ministry; Anyone want to guess how many Elisha performed?    14

Chapter 4     A model of hospitality rewarded         

Read 4:8-10             This dear woman takes care of the needs of Elisha.

Read 4:14-17           She then is able to have a son.

But then the child dies and she seeks the prophet out!     Read 4:27-37

Chapter 5     A Syrian General’s pride almost keeps him from wholeness

Read 5:1, 9-14         What are some things we miss out on because of pride?

Chapter 5     Gehazi’s greed costs him his wholeness

Read 5:21-27           The love of money is the root of all evil!

Chapter 6     A great insight into spiritual warfare!

Read 6:15-17

What a challenge for us to cultivate our own understanding and faith about how God is at work even when it seems like we are surrounded by the forces of evil!

I love the story in chapter 7 about the lepers saving the city!      Read 7:8-9