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Exodus Chapter 14


Moses reassures the Israelites as Pharaoh closes in                                 V. 1-14


One of the benefits of spending time with God is gaining ___________________ on what is coming!


Isn’t it sad how quickly we take our eyes off God and put them back on our _____________________?


Verse 13 shows us how far Moses’ faith has come!                         Exodus 5:15-23


Isn’t it great to know that the Lord _________________ FOR His children?



The Lord reassures __________________ as Pharaoh closes in             V. 15-20


Folks, you gotta follow the game plan!


You may ask, “Why does God repeat himself so much?” 


Because that’s what great ___________________ do!



The Lord delivers Israel through the Red Sea, then drowns Pharaoh with it                                                                                                                                                 V. 21-31


Life is hard – BUT God is good, and God is God! It will always be best to ________ Him and do what He says instead of leaning on our own understanding!


What truths does the miracle of the Red Sea bring home to you?


What truths we’ve discussed mean the most to you?