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Thankful for Eternal Security            Romans 7:14-8:1

John 1:12                                 John 3:16

This message is for those who have trusted Christ as Savior AND WANT to do what He commands, but who STRUGGLE with indwelling sin in your life.

2 Corinthians 5:21

You will never possess more positional righteousness in God’s sight than the moment you place your trust in Christ and are born again. You will never possess less positional righteousness in God’s sight after that, even as you daily BATTLE for practical righteousness in your life. That’s what grace is all about!

Romans 1:16-17                      Romans 4:5

What we learn from Paul’s struggle in Romans 7:

True believers face an internal war, because they now have two NATURES

When Paul speaks of the flesh he is speaking of the COMBINATION of anti-God influences that have and do influence our decisions – our own history of sinful impulses and decisions; the Devil & his demons; unsaved influencers in our lives – all like fiery coals always ready to erupt into a fire when fed.


Engaging in the struggle itself is EVIDENCE that you really are saved


The same Jesus who saved us is going to make sure we get SAFELY to Heaven                Romans 8:18-39