A dead giveaway of a covetous heart is a complaining mouth.

Contentment with courage makes the most of the opportunities the Lord brings across our paths, trusting that what God guides us to do, He will provide the resources to get done.

If children don’t learn to honor the authority that is their parents, they’ll go to school and question the authority that is the teachers; They’ll play on sports teams and question the authority that is the coach; They’ll question the authority of the police and the courts; They’ll question the authority of their boss; They’ll reject the importance of their marriage vows; They’ll question the authority of their pastors, if they even bother to go to church; Ultimately they’ll question the authority of Jesus Christ and reject Him as their Lord in favor of worshipping themselves. In short, if the fifth commandment is neglected, we’ll have the kind of country that increasingly America has become; Those who violate the fifth command almost always violate the first commands also!

Placing your faith in Jesus gains you everlasting life; Practicing your faith in Jesus gains you abundant life now and Heavenly reward!

You can’t honor everything about your parents, but to obey the fifth command is to honor everything you can about them. When they want you to sin, you have to resist and say no. But honor everything you can about them and the position they hold in your life.

Jesus commends the man’s effective and urgent use of resources to help his earthly well-being, and is calling believers to do the same, but their focus is to be even more on eternal matters!

The woman is now freed, but not the synagogue ruler. His bondage continued. He was so bound to his traditions that he ended up opposing the Son of God.  This is the only time in the gospels Jesus calls someone a Daughter of Abraham. It reminds us of Jesus saying that Zacchaeus was now also a Son of Abraham. It wasn’t ethnic descent that made either a Child of Abraham, but justifying faith (See also John 8:31-47; Galatians 3:6-9)

The Bible makes clear that each of us will give an account of ourselves to God, and how we have managed what He has entrusted to us!

Divine appointments are moments in time when God brings people together and lasting change happens.

What an example of forgiveness Joseph is for us! Joseph had experienced the mercy of God, and so he showed mercy to others!

Judah displays a willingness to die in his brother’s place because of his father’s love for his son – Judah becomes a type of what Jesus Christ will do for sinners! And in Heaven Jesus was looking on, and I believe He said, “Father, when I go to earth, that’s the tribe I want to be from, because I am going to do that, I am going to take the place of guilty sinners so they can live!”