Having a Biblical Worldview


Persuaded by the evidence, I trust Jesus alone for salvation, seeking His Kingdom first in my beliefs and behaviors, testing all things by Biblical truth.

God and Theology - The Bible is true and is the authority for my beliefs and behaviors – I won’t compartmentalize my faith.


God and Biology - Men and women are created by God for a purpose; I will value human life and dignity.


God and Philosophy - I am more than a machine; I can make choices, and my choices have consequences.


God and Psychology - Original sin deeply affects me and my relationships; the right kind of guilt in my life is good.


God and Sexuality - God designed sex only for use within the marriage of a man and woman; I repent of all immorality    


God and Economics - God has a work calling for everyone; I am His steward, voluntarily doing my part to meet urgent needs


God and Ethics - God’s truth understood through Christ’s example is how I seek to live my life: I reject moral relativism and idolatry, seeking to live full of grace and truth.


God and Sociology - Respect for authority and relational interaction begins at home; I will respect authority and relational interacting in all the God-given spheres of my life.  


God and Government - God has a limited purpose for government; I will be an involved citizen who puts God first.


God and the Arts - God’s creation reveals infinite creative expression; I will glorify Him through creative expression.


God and History - God’s providence is guiding the world toward its destiny; I will trust Him in my generation 


God and Missions - God is bringing people to salvation around the world – I’m getting in on it!


A few Recommended Resources: Any books by C.S. Lewis, Nancy Pearcy.

Apps, websites: ERLC.com (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission),               The Briefing (Al Mohler), The World and Everything in it (World Magazine)