Special Guest parking is available at the front of the church.


Entering the Church

As you enter the Main Entrance, one of our friendly greeters will welcome you and be glad to assist you in any way possible.


Morning Worship Service

  • Dress attire ranges from formal to relaxed attire. You are weelcome to come in what you feel comfortable in.
  • Music is a blend of hymns and newer songs and we encourage you to join in during the congregational singing.
  • Offering- If you are a guest, we have no expectation that you financially participate in this offering. Your gift to us would be that you take the "Guest Information" tab from the bulletin to our Welcome Center in the lobby of the main entrance at the end of service.
  • The Sermon will generally be a verse-by-verse breakdown of a passage of scripture.
  • A time of commitment will take place at the end of the sermon, where you will have the opportunity to respond to the message.
  • Following the time of commitment, the service ends with the singing of a song and a prayer. The Pastor will remain at the front of the Sanctuary after service if you would like to speak with him.


Guest Welcome Center

Our Guest Welcome Center is in the lobby of the Main Entrance. Be sure to fill out the Guest Information section of your bulletin and turn it in here. You will receive a Guest Welcome Packet and a Gift to thank you for being our Guest today. We look forward to getting to know you better.


Service Times & Directions

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