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Amos Overview

Recap of OT so far:

Creation/ Fall/ Forgiveness through Blood Atonement

Prophecies of a coming Messiah

Abrahamic Covenant/ Patriarchs

Twelve Tribes to Egypt/ emergence of Joseph and Judah

Exodus/ Passover: Birth of a nation

Mosaic Law/ Covenant

Levitical Priesthood/ Tabernacle

Conquest/ Judges

Davidic Covenant/ Temple/ Poetry

Divided Kingdom/ Captivity/ Prophets


We are still in the section of the Old Testament known as the Minor Prophets.

Law has 5 Books & History has 12 books = 17 books

Poetry has 5 books

5 Major Prophet books & 12 Minor Prophet books = 17 books

39 OT books

Amos is the 30th Book of the Old Testament and Bible.

Theme: Israel, Prepare to meet your God (4:12)

Outline of Amos:

Judgment                                           1:3-9:10

          Against nations    1:3-2:3

          Against Judah      2:4-5

          Against Israel       2:6-9:10

Hope/ Messianic Promise                            9:11-15


Amos was a sheep breeder from Tekoa (1:1)

Tekoa is 6 miles south of Bethlehem.

His name means burden bearer.

He prophesied during the reign of Uzziah in the South; Jeroboam II in the North.

His message is primarily for the North. 

Interestingly, Israel was prospering during this time, having achieved some military victories.

In the midst of their power and wealth, they fell into the sins of excess and underwent spiritual and moral decay.

To these complacent people, Amos preached about God’s coming judgment of their sin. Return to the Lord, or be judged!

The book of Amos presents a righteous and holy God who demands and deserves their allegiance; but also a merciful God, willing to forgive and restore them if only they would repent.          -Irving Jensen

It was two years before the earthquake!

Add those two to your chart of prophets and kings!

God speaks to and through ordinary people as well as prophets, priests and pastors.

The Lord roars from Zion (1:2)

Makes you think about Revelation, where Jesus is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

It’s never a good thing in the Bible when a Lion shows up!

When a lion shows up, somebody’s going to get judged.

At the start of Amos’ message, his Jewish audience would have cheered!

1:3     For 3 crimes, no 4, Damascus is going to be judged!         HOORAY!

1:6     Gaza                                                                                  HOORAY!

1:9     Tyre                                                                                   HOORAY!

1:11   Edom                                                                                 HOORAY!

1:13   Ammonites                                                                        HOORAY!

2:1     Moabites                                                                            HOORAY!

2:4     JUDAH                                                                             WHAT!

2:7     ISRAEL                                                                             WHAT!

Some of their sins – 2:12

You made Nazirites drink wine

You commanded prophets not to prophesy

3:1     Why God is judging the Jews…


3:7     There’s always advance warning!


Chapter 4     Key Phrase: “Yet you did not return to Me!”

4:6     I sent famine, yet you did not return to Me!

4:8     Withheld rain, yet…

4:9     Locusts, yet…

4:10   Plague, yet…

4:11   Judgment, yet…


I bet you Nobody said Amen when Amos said that!

4:13   General Revelation; Special Revelation

Chapter 5     A lament

5:4     Seek me and live

5:5     Do not seek…


Note reference to Joseph in 5:15

5:18   Woe to you who long for the Day of the Lord –

It will be a day of darkness to you, not of light

5:26   Sakkuth and Kaiwan, star god

Names of the sky deity of the planet Saturn.

6:1     Woe to those who are at ease in Zion, who feel secure in Samaria

6:8     I loathe Jacob’s pride

6:14   I am raising up a nation against you, O house of Jacob


1.       7:1     Locusts        Intercession – Answered

2.       7:4     Fire              Intercession – Answered

3.       7:7     Plumb Line

7:10 Amaziah the priest of Bethel is angry at Amos’ words, complains to King Jeroboam (Amos answers)

4.       8:1     Ripe Fruit  – End has come for Israel

I will no longer spare them

Songs will become wailings

Because you trample the needy, and do away with the poor

8:7     Yahweh has sworn by the Pride of Jacob


5.       9:1     The Lord beside the altar

9:8     The eyes of the Lord God are on the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it

9:11-15        Restoration – Fallen booth of David