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Luke Overview

Luke is the 3rd book of the New Testament, the 42nd book of the Bible.

Look at chart, Comparison of the Four Gospels       Talk through, Danny!

Look at chart, Comparative view of the gospels      Talk through, Danny!

Key verse:

The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”                              -Luke 19:10

Luke was a Gentile doctor who was a travelling companion of the apostle Paul. He is the only human author of the Bible that was not Jewish.

Read Colossians 4:10-14           -2 Tim. 4:11          -Phil. 24

Acts: “They” turns into “we” in Acts 16:10!

Early church told us that Luke wrote both Luke and Acts!          No dissent!

A third century introduction to Luke says he was from Antioch of Syria, which would be another great thing the church at Antioch gave us!

Luke is in the “50 Chapter Club” of New Testament authors!

Paul = 87 chapters; Luke = 52 chapters; John = 50 chapters

The gospel of Luke is the longest book of the New Testament, the 10th longest in the Bible. It has 24 chapters, 1151 verses, 25,944 words (H.L. Wilmington).

Acts is second with 28 chapters, 1007 verses, 24,250 words. Luke’s 50,194 words compare with Paul’s 43,402 words!

So the Holy Spirit used Dr. Luke to write more of the New Testament than any other author, unless…

If Paul wrote Hebrews he goes up to 50,315; and an even 100 chapters!  

Luke has material from 31 of the 39 Old Testament books. Only Revelation has more (32). Quite an achievement for a Non Jewish author!

Read Luke 1:1-4            Beautiful words of introduction!

Read Acts 1:1-3

Theophilus = God lover          

Careful investigation-Archeologists have often confirmed Luke’s historical claims!

Orderly sequence

So that you may know the certainty of the things you were taught!

Acts concludes with Paul’s first imprisonment, does not mention his second imprisonment in A.D. 66.

So Acts was concluded by then, making the gospel of Luke around A.D. 60.

Purpose:     The Gospel of Luke emphasizes that the gospel is for ALL people, for Jews and Gentiles.

Purpose:     Most comprehensive picture of the life and ministry of Christ.         -Jensen

Outline of Luke:                                

Introduction                                                                               1:1-4

Jesus’ birth, childhood, preparation for ministry                    1:5-4:13         

Mainly peculiar to Luke - 30 years

Jesus’ Galilean ministry shows His power over everything    4:14-9:50                   

Lots of miracles - 18 months

Jesus teaches His disciples as He journeys to Jerusalem         9:51-19:27                   

60% peculiar to Luke; Lots of parables - 6 months

Jesus suffers, dies for sins, and rises again!                             19:28-24:53

8 days - 50 days

Luke mentions the Holy Spirit more than any other gospel writer!

Mark - 7 times; Matthew - 12 times; John - 15 times

Luke                      17 times!!!             I would have thought it was John!                    

Luke also has 11 of the 15 accounts of Christ praying in the gospels!

A Closer Look at Luke:

1:5-25          Gabriel announces John the Baptist’s birth

Will never drink wine or beer – like those who took a special vow in the O.T. WOW! Filled with the Holy Spirit while still in his mother’s womb!

1:16-17        See Malachi!         Not Elijah, but in the spirit and power of Elijah!

1:26-38                  Gabriel announces Jesus’ birth

Gabriel sent to a VIRGIN in Galilee    Reinforced in 1:34

She was engaged to Joseph, of the tribe of Judah    On Galilee, see Isaiah 9:1---

Call His name Jesus = God Saves!       Son of the Most High

Will be given the throne of His father David; Will reign over the house of Jacob; His kingdom will have no end.

1:35   Holy Spirit will come upon you, power of Most High will overshadow you; The Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God.

Key verse: 1:37               Nothing will be impossible with God!

Great response: 1:38        May it be done to me according to your word.

Contrast her initial response with the religious leader Zechariah!

1:39-45        Mary and Elizabeth compare notes!

1:41   Baby leaps in the womb! Calls Mary “the mother of my Lord!”

1:46-56        The magnificent!

1:54-55        Note Mary connects this with the ancient promises made to Israel!

1:57ff          John’s birth’s; Zechariah’s prophecy!

Zechariah connects this with the ancient promises made to Israel!

1:69-70        Just as He spoke by the mouths of the prophets!

1:72   God has remembered His holy covenant sworn to Abraham!

2:1-20          The birth of Jesus

2:8     Shepherds told about Jesus’ birth by an angel!

2:10   Today a Savior was born in the city of David, who is Messiah the Lord!

2:13-14        Angels say: Glory to God in the highest heaven!

2:32   Simeon:       A light for revelation to the Gentiles!

Not for judgment as many understood Messiah’s dealings with the Gentiles, but for salvation!         Like Jonah 4!

2:34-35        A sword will pierce your own soul as well, Mary!

Chapter 3     I love John the Baptist’s teaching on repentance!

Jesus’ baptism!     

The Genealogy of Jesus through Mary!

3:23   Jesus was about 30 years of age when He began His ministry! This is one of those places we are thankful for Luke’s research – this verse is the only way we know that Jesus was 30 years old!

Chapter 4

The temptation of Jesus!

If you are the Son of God…      Jesus answers Satan with Scripture!

Jesus’ rejection in Nazareth…   Quoting of Isaiah 61 in the synagogue!

4:21   Today this is fulfilled!     WOW!

Luke includes Jesus commendation of two Gentiles of OT days in verses 24-30

Why? In keeping with purpose of gospel of Luke – to Gentiles like Luke!

4:32, 36       Again this theme of the gospels: Authority of Jesus seen!

Chapter 5     Now Luke picks up the calling of the first disciples

5:11   They left everything and followed Him!

5:15-16        Public ministry/ private rejuvenation!

5:24   This key story repeated – Authority to forgive sins – that’s God!

5:31-32        Key verse – I have come to call sinners, not the self-righteous! 

Chapter 6    

Lord of the Sabbath         Luke also establishing Christ’s rightful authority!

Luke’s version of Sermon on the Mount; or a different sermon saying some of the same things!          Great Teaching!

Chapter 7

7:9     Jesus commends the centurian’s faith because he did what?

Acknowledged Christ’s authority!

Key miracle: raises a dead person to life, like Elijah and Elisha had!

This natural comparison made people speak of Him as a great prophet 7:16

JTB a little confused from prison!       7:18-19

Jesus praises John the Baptist              7:24-

Chapter 8     Support of key women who travelled with the 12              8:1-3

Parable of Sower

More examples of His deity, power and authority in the four miracles of 8:22-56

Winds/ waves obey! Legion of demons driven out! A girl and woman healed!

Chapter 9     Sending of 12        Corresponds to Matthew 10

Feeding of 5,000

9:18-20        Peter’s confession

9:21-27        Change of tone: Messiah will die         9:23   You need to die also!

The Transfiguration!

Chapter 10   Sending of 70 to places He was about to go!

10:2   Pray for workers for the harvest!

10:20 Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven, not temporary effectiveness!


Chapter 11   Lord, teach us to pray!               Model Prayer…    

Contra Mary adoration – 11:27-28

11:39ff        WOES!

Chapter 12   More parables and teaching!

Chapter 13   Repent or perish    13:1-4

The Narrow way!  13:22-30

Lamentation over Jerusalem      13:34-35

Chapter 14   Teaching on humility

Parable of large banquet!           Go out…and make them come in!

14:25-35      The cost of following Jesus!

Chapter 15   Parable of the Prodigal Son

V. 1-2          The charge: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them!”

Jesus answers with 3 parables about lost things worth recovering:                            lost sheep; lost coins; a lost son!

You’d go after one lost sheep out of 100 you owned! You’d clean the house to find one lost coin out of 10 that was missing! A truly loving father would be delighted when his lost son came home!


Chapter 16

16:1-13        Parable of Shrewd Manager                

Don’t be afraid to enter into business dealings with the world to make money. Don’t be naively taken advantage of but astute in your dealings. View money as a temporary tool to accomplish God’s will on earth, but don’t confuse it with the things that will matter when you get to Heaven!

16:19-31      Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Read verse 22        Great little verse

Read verse 31        WOW! What foreshadowing!

Chapter 17             Great word about offenses!                  17:1-4

17:5-10        Faith and Duty

They say, “Increase our faith.”

Jesus says, essentially, “You’ve already got faith, just do what I say!”

17:11-19      Jesus commends the foreign leper for giving glory to God!

Verse 20      When’s the Kingdom of God coming?

Answer – It’s here, among you! Kingdom – Now, and not yet!   So be ready!

Chapter 18   The Persistent widow!     18:1-8          Read verses 6-8

18:9-14        Parable of Pharisee and Tax Collector; Nothing subtle about that one!

Luke has some great contrasts!

18:18-23      The rich young ruler says no to Jesus

19:1-10        Zacchaeus says yes to Jesus!

Often following Jesus means staying right where you are and making things right!

 19:11-27     The Parable of the Minas

19:28           Triumphal entry!

19:41-44      Tears and tough words for Jerusalem

Chapter 20   The question of His authority again raised!

Then the Parable of the Vineyard owner! Very important!

Only two of the larger parables are repeated in all 3 Synoptic gospels:

There’s this one, and what is the other?         The Sower   Read verse 19

Chapter 21   The widows offering!                21:1-4

An acceptable offering is not about the size of the gift, but the size of the heart of the sacrificial giver!

The Rest of chapter 21 is the Olivet Discourse about the End Times.

Chapter 22   The Lord’s Supper

22:24-30      Dispute over Greatness!

Promise: you’ll sit on thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel. When? Probably in Christ’s thousand-year rule on earth (Rev. 20), perhaps new earth.

The last chapters of Luke include all of the events surrounding Christ’s death and resurrection.

24:13-35      The fascinating events on the road to Emmaus        24:25-27

No doubt in Jesus’ mind – people should have understood the Old Testament’s words about the Suffering Messiah!

24:46-47      Luke’s record of the Great Commission

Read also 24:48-49          Look at Acts 1:6-8

The words of Luke and Acts do not support the notion that the church has replaced Israel. The Messiah will rule the world from the throne promised to David in the land promised to Abraham. But all promises to Israel and/or the church are only realized by faith in Jesus Christ!