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Prayer: Preparation Leads to Production

Quote from Paul Bunyan, “You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”

  • Luke 1:10: God does something when His people sincerely pray.
  • Luke 2:28: Prayer and Praise go together.
  • Luke 2:36-38: Her praying is accompanied by telling. Go into the closet to pray and out of the closet to tell.
  • Luke 3:21-22: We must put ourselves in a position for God to show up and do something.
  • Luke 4:42/Mark 1:35: We all need a place to get away to be with the Father.
  • Luke 5: 15-16: Do prayer first (Power) and ministry second. (Jesus did not run from the crowd, but gathered Himself in prayer to prepare for them).
  • Luke 6:12-13: Pray first, then look for people to fill needed positions.
  • Luke 6:27-28: Praying for those who despitefully use you. (You will not change them with your anger; change them through God).
  • Luke 9:15-16: Jesus’ prayer was much bigger than just for the meal. It established lifestyle (DNA).
  • Luke 9:18: Disciples were at a divine distance away.
  • Luke 9:28-30: Jesus is changed while praying. ( Glory falls during the time of prayer).
  • Luke 10:1-2: If more laborers are needed, get those serving to pray for more servants.
  • Luke 10:21: Rejoicing in the Spirit often erupts in prayer.
  • Luke 11:1: They had been taught ritual and not relationship. Who gets to see us pray outside of church or at meals? Jesus, teach me to pray like you pray!
  • Luke 18:1: Prayer is not always easy. Even those who learned at the Master’s feet were encouraged to keep going.
  • Luke 18:10: Does your prayer say more about you or God?
  • Luke 19:45-46: The church must be a House of Prayer.
  • Luke 20:46-47: Prayed more in public than all week.
  • Luke 21:36: Don’t just start praying when things get tough. Pray because it is the very part of you.
  • Luke 22:17-19, 31-32: God allows things to cause us to pray through…
  • Luke 22:39-40: Often we pray during or after temptation. We should pray before.
  • Luke 22:41-45: Then Jesus practices what He preaches.
  • Luke 23:34:Maintaining an attitude of prayer makes it easier to forgive offences.
  • Luke 23:46: As Jesus dies He prays…has been a pattern for Him (Normal).
  • Luke 24:30: Jesus continues His pattern of prayer even after He had risen.
  • Luke 24:50-51: Jesus prayed for those who would come after Him.

We make plans and then ask God to bless our plans.

Heaven is filled with a room that will surprise all of us when we see it. The room has within it large boxes neatly packaged with a lovely ribbon on top with your name on it and the following note attached, “Never delivered to earth because never requested from earth.”