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The Perfect Spouse                Ephesians 5:15-33

In our very individualized culture too many Christians come to church thinking of themselves as tourists on the same bus, rather than as __________________ travelling together on the way to Heaven!

Traits of a Christian ready to engage in relationships         V. 15-21

They are filling themselves with God’s Word                         V. 17


They are being filled with the _____________ of God           V. 18


They are filled with _______________                                  V. 19


They are filled with __________________                            V. 20


They practice _________________ submission to God and those they are in covenant with                                                                 V. 21


We are accountable to God and each of us will give an account to God for how we act and react in each of our covenant privileges and _______________________.

In marriage you put two sinners together and the only way its going to be a healthy relationship is if ____________ are putting what God wants and what each other needs ahead of their own selfish wants.

God’s plan is that a man marries a woman and the two become one flesh; The parts fit together, and the two are now one in both a physical and metaphysical way, a mysterious union God has ____________________.

Complimentary roles for wife and husband                         V. 22-33

Adam’s passivity in the garden of Eden was as big a problem as Eve’s willful disobedience to God’s instruction. He was also being willfully disobedient, but his failure to ________________ his wife through active leadership caused them both to fall.

When a wife graciously submits to her husband, shows respect for him and encourages him, it is like _______________ to His soul!


How do you spell love?         


When a husband loves his wife like Christ loves the church, with a sacrificial love, a providing love, a nourishing and cherishing love, it is like ____________________ to her soul


The mystery of marital union pointing to our need of Christ                                                                                                          V. 25-32

For marriage to survive and thrive two parties must remain actively committed to each other. They must proactively show love and respect, and reactively show patience and forgiveness.

And here’s where each Christian today faces an awful realization. We are called the bride of Christ, yet we each have been _____________________________________ to Him many times.

And yet He still loves us and longs for us to realize what we have in Him! Christ alone is the perfect spouse!   

Song 2:4                      Zephaniah 3:17

 “I did, I do, and I still do!”    -S.P. Grant